1. Silence is the golden rule that everyone must respect especially at night
  2. Minors must be supervised at all times
  3. Everyone entering must check in at reception before finding their fishing spot
  4. Visitors are not allowed
  5. Pets are allowed provided they do not disturb other guests and the owner picks up their exrement
  6. All garbage must be picked up and thrown away at your home
  7. It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground or in the water. Ashtrays are available at each spot
  8. Camp fires, inflatable fishing boats (zodiac, bargue) and swimming are forbidden. Above ground barbecues are allowed
  9. Branches of trees, bushes or shrubs should not be cut, broken or vandalized
  10. It is strictly prohibited to deficate outside the toilets! The land must be kept clean for the protection and comfort of everyone
  11. There is absolutely no refund for concellations or early departures
  12. Predator fishing is not allowed
  13. No kill kishing only is permitted day and night by authorised persons
  14. Landing mats are mandatory and should be large (1m minimum)
  15. Dip nets should be micro mesh with an opening of 1m minimum
  16. The weigh sling should be rigid (no single thread)
  17. Fishing is done with 3 rods per fishing location
  18. It is strictly forbidden to kill, mark, or maim a fish (violators will be prosecuted)
  19. All fish caught must be handled carefully, on a landing mat and not lifled above knee height. They should be kept damp, weighed, photographed (knees on the ground) and then quickly returned to the water. Buckets are available at each location
  20. All fish caught must be returned to the water at this point
  21. All touch sensors must be set at a switable volume so as not to disturb others. Remember to turn off alarms during handing
  22. Mini radio controlled boats are allowed to draw lines to a maximum of 100 meters against your position without disturbing your neighbor
  23. Descend into the water is permitted to release fish or empty nets
  24. Any location using poles should have at least one person present at all times
  25. Hooks should be simple and barbs are mandatory
  26. Animal or live bait is prohibited
  27. Any tackle that does not allow the release of fish is prohibited
  28. Only hooks size 4, 6 or 8 are allowed
  29. Storage bags are strictly prohibited day or night any where on premises (this includes your car)
  30. Bait is allowed in reasonable quantities. Personal seeds are prohibited in order to avoid uncooked seeds resulting in the death of fish. You can order bait from us in the bait section
  31. Lead core is allowed as well as kook link braid however, row headers and braided line is prohibited
  32. You must provide a medi-kitto heal injured fish
  33. All cars must be returned to the parking lot after unloading equipment
  34. Each location will be checked upon arrival and departure
  35. Before installation you must pay at the reception
  36. Management denies any responsibility for loss or theft
  37. Pneumatic boilie guns are prohibited
  38. It is forbidden to deficate outside the toilets
  39. Khaki/bronw umbrellas and small tents ( biwys) are allowed. Large camping tents and shelters are prohibited
  40. Do not throw seeds in the woods or on the edges of the lake as this could cause problems with animals ( rats, wild boar, birds)
  41. The site closes at 8 pm and re opens in the morning
  42. Alcohol abuse is not allowed and drugs are strictly prohibited
  43. Each guest is authorized to fish on the location, he is assigned and is entirely responsable for his own safety and the care of the location . Any property damage or injury is the responsibility of the fisherman
  44. It is the responsibility of the fisherman to inform any guest of the rules of location
  45. No appeals may be made to the owner. We reserve the right to publish any photos taken on site or given to us. Your entrance and payment at nauticarp confirms your comprehension of and agreement to all rules and regulations. Any person who does not comply with these rules will be asked to leave immediately without refund. Legal action may also be pursued depending on the severity of the infraction.

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